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Play Amazon Quest Game of the Day

This game like Bejeweled wants to lead you on a quest. Turn off the illuminated blocks by making rows of 3 or more equal icons. Watch the time!!
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Telekinetic Eric


Stick Defense

Fire in the Hole 2

6 Differences

Tactical Assassin 2

GoGo Plant


Strategy Defense 5

Thing Thing 4
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Action Games
Benda Bot
Play Benda BotHelp Benda the Bot complete his mission Instructions are in the game
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Shooting Games
Bubble Struggle
Play Bubble StruggleUse a variety of weapons to shoot the bubbles before they hit the devil.
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Puzzle Games
Fridge Word
Play Fridge WordA fun puzzle word game. Grab and move any of the set of 'g's to the top of the board to start game.
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Skill Games
Hi - Lo
Play Hi - LoGamble Hi or Low to get the highest score.
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Sports Games
Mole Hunt
Play Mole HuntYou are a cricket trying to get the food. Different areas of the level slow you down,
and make sure you watch out for the other things trying to eat you.
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Classic Games
Play PacmanEat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!
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Racing Games
Star Racer
Play Star RacerA nice little space racing game.
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Flying Games
Chopper Challange
Play Chopper ChallangeFly the chopper over and under the obsticles
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Side Scrolling Games
Soopa Sprinta
Play Soopa SprintaRun as fast as you can and jump over the obstacles.
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Memory Games
Metro Match
Play Metro MatchMatch pairs of identical images before your time runs out!
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NES Games
Panic in the Skyscraper
Play Panic in the SkyscraperRescue the People
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